One of the most common elements in a typical office is the ever-present office partition boards. Not only do they help to compartmentalise the various individual spaces, but it also offers some sort of privacy.

Modern office partitions have improved vastly over those of yesteryears. They are more durable, comes in various designs and colours, and some are modular, which gives you flexibility in configuring your office in a way that suits you further down the road, should your operations and manpower requirements change.

However, the trend in office design and renovations in modern times, is the omission of the conventional office partitions altogether. While some clients prefer an open concept that makes the office appear larger than it actually is, others believe that the omission of such boards promotes closer working relationships with co-workers.

For us, we are neither for, nor against, the use of office partition boards. Although we are in-tune with the trends of the times, we may not necessarily follow them for the sake of it. ISH Interior Design‘s guiding principle in whatever we do is simply this: What are you trying to achieve?

For some businesses where privacy and personal spaces are important, and they are further restricted by space constraints, the use of office partitions may not be an option, but a mandatory requirement.

Similar to the points mentioned in office furniture, although ISH Interior Design‘s core business is in the areas of interior design and office renovation, we have relationships with existing office partitions suppliers around the region. This allows us to provide you with a range of unique office partitions that are not commonly available at prices that are extremely competitive.

Office partitions are but tools to enable us to realise your office renovation objectives. If you are unsure about whether you can re-configure your office with your existing set-up, give us a call for a non-obligatory discussion!