One question we’re often asked is,

“Which area of interior design do you specialise in? Is it post-modern / contemporary / classical / cottage / Victorian / minimalistic / industrial, or some other look and feel?”.

The answer to that question – We specialise in all of them, and none of them.

Contrary to popular belief, office renovation and interior design play a much broader role than just, well, looking pretty.

We believe design and renovation works should, and must, remain fluid; and should never be cast in stone. More than that, interior design, and design in general, has to achieve much broader objectives in terms of the emotions that it is intended to illicit.

That explains why some renovated rooms, offices, and spaces make one feel inspired, productive, and conducive for work, while others are just bland and plain uncomfortable.

That said, we’re proud and honoured to have experimented with a variety of interior design look and feel – each with its own distinct character, personality, and aura – and each has successfully achieved their design and renovation objectives.

Since we spend so much time in the office these days, shouldn’t we at least feel comfortable, or better yet inspired, at the workplace? This can lead to a better work environment, higher productivity levels, increased morale, and a host of other long-term benefits.

If you have an interior design idea for your office or business, or if you have any particular inclinations in terms of mood, era, or emotions which you are trying to create, let us know, and we will make that a reality for you. Better yet, if you are open to ideas and proposals, speak with us, and we will provide one that is customised to reflect your personality and your business and office renovation requirements.