ISH Interior Design has a dedicated team specially focusing in all aspects of office renovation works. With the increasing amount of time spent by the working class in their workplace, the office environment can play a pivotal role in promoting the well-being of its workers, and there’s a strong correlation between the overall interior design of the workplace and your company’s bottom-line. A properly designed and renovated office has a high potential to reap productivity gains.

Whether it is a small-sized functional office, or a large office spanning several floors in downtown Singapore serving regional or global clients, ISH Interior Design provides a suite of professional office renovation services that create the necessary mood and environment that suit your business objectives.

One of the main considerations when deciding on an office renovation partner, is whether the contractor is able to fulfil the full scope of works as contracted. Rest assured that through our years of establishing our business, we have built strong and strategic working relationships with our suppliers and sub-contractors.

From provision of building materials supplies to skilled workmen and artisans, our integrated supply chain gives us access to the best-in-class industry players in the fields of interior design, office renovation services and supplies.

Most importantly, our in-house project management team ensures all projects undertaken meet their respective budgets, quality requirements, and critical timelines.

Check out our following services in office renovation:

If you have a requirement, and would like to have budgetary estimate, feel free to let us know.