Sylvia Skin Atelier
Beauty and Skincare Consultancy


Nestled at the junction of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road, and diagonally opposite i12 Katong, proprietor Ms. Sylvia Yeo’s latest business venture, Sylvia Skin Atelier, sits on top of a 4-storey shophouse in the quaint Katong Vicinity. The scope of work includes office renovation, interior design, and soft furnishings for a skincare and beauty centre.

When ISH Interior Design first conducted the site visit, the shop unit has been vacant for some time. As one would expect from an unoccupied shophouse unit, the interior was in less-than-ideal condition – there were stains on the wall (which indicates water seepage problems), the paint was uneven and peeling off, the walls were cracked, and the piping system was not working well at all.

After understanding the design objectives of the business, as well as its operational requirements, ISH Interior Design explored several office design iterations with Sylvia, and finally decided on one that’ll meet the design and operational objectives. More importantly, the final  realisation also has to evoke a sense of comfort, warmth, and sensuousness which the space requires.

Working within the confines of the limited floor area, we managed to build four treatment rooms, two restrooms, a pantry area, a dental aesthetics room, a Yoga studio, a vast welcoming lounge area, a waiting area, a display area for designer bags and pouches, as well as two office rooms. All these are achieved without any one space feeling small or restricted.

On the contrary, the whole of interior space evokes a grand sense of space and airiness, with a touch of elegance and strategically-placed lighting elements that soothe the senses.

Ms. Sylvia Yeo Sylvia Skin Atelier

Ms. Sylvia Yeo
Sylvia Skin Atelier

“After engaging ISH Interior Design to rebuild my house from ground up, I engaged them once again to create an interior environment suitable for my skincare and beauty business.

ISH Interior Design managed to fully realise my intentions and exceeded my expectations.

I fully recommend their services – be it residential, commercial, or hospitality operations – for their professionalism, built quality, and commitment to timelines.”