So you’ve acquired an office and you’re ready for business. Question is, how do you maximise your valuable office real estate to realise your objectives of a conducive work environment, staff well-being, and most importantly, profitability?

The smart use of valuable office real estate through innovative space planning enables a smaller office to feel bigger and achieve more, compared to a similar or even larger office space that hasn’t been critically thought-through. This is especially important in land-scarce Singapore, where you have to make every inch count.

ISH Interior Design understands these constraints of space, and has the experience to design and allocate spaces with its users in mind. Through our space planning consultancy services, we will first understand your business, your work and renovations requirements, as well as plans in the pipeline. With that, our in-house space planning team will draw up and design a plan that suits your short, mid, and long-term business objectives.

Most importantly, our space planning consultancy services are complimentary when you engage our interior design and office renovation services.

So if you want to better maximise your office space in a smart, feasible, and cost-effective manner, speak with us today!