From experience, and through the many years in this business, we found that a good number of our clients experience challenges in procuring office furniture for their workplace. Although we are known to be a quality interior design and renovation firm, and the design and supply of office furniture are not part of our core business, we do consider such requests on a select basis, and the reasons for that are many.

Firstly, we have established working relationships with some of the best office furniture suppliers in Singapore and around Asia. This makes it easier for us to get suitably-themed office furniture within a shorter-time frame, as well as a wider variety available.

Secondly, we have links with other lesser known, but no less high quality, office furniture suppliers in the region that serve smaller niche markets. This gives us access to a truly unique range of office furniture that is not commonly seen in the open market.

Thirdly, due to our long working relationships with our office furniture suppliers, we are getting most of such office furniture at special dealer pricing that is not available in the open market. This means that we can pass on some significant savings back to you, ensuring that you have more corporate funds available for other business purposes.

Within the workplace, office furniture is probably one area that is subject to the most wear-and-tear. Not only do they have to be of a certain quality, but they also need to be ergonomically designed to reduce workplace-related injuries and unnecessary stress in the body.

So if it is about time your office needs an overhaul, or if those office partitions need to be replaced, give us a call!